We apply precise tests for performance excellence.

"Sempa Garage" is our Pump Test Stand equipped with cutting-edge technology and advanced features, ensuring that our pump systems achieve the highest standards of performance and quality. Sempa Garage serves as a center where our pumps undergo rigorous testing, yielding results that exceed established standards.


Our Pump Test Stand boasts an impressive array of capabilities that reflect our dedication to precision and reliability:


- Fully Automated Testing System: Sempa Garage is equipped with a fully automated testing system that optimizes the testing process, resulting in consistent and accurate outcomes.


- VFD or Soft Starter System: With the VFD and Soft Starter systems, the test stand can simulate real-world operating conditions, evaluating pump performance under various scenarios.


- Maximum Flow Capacity of 12,000 m3/h: The test stand demonstrates its ability to accommodate a wide range of pump sizes, with a maximum flow rate of up to 12,000 cubic meters per hour.


- Maximum Pressure of 60 Bar: Pump systems can be tested up to 60 Bar.


- Simultaneous Testing of Three Pumps: Sempa Garage is designed to facilitate the simultaneous testing of three pumps, enhancing efficiency and output.


- Testing of Up to 1,000 kW at Low Voltage: The test stand can evaluate pumps generating up to 1,000 kilowatts using low voltage architecture, providing accurate performance data even at high power levels.


Quality is paramount at Sempa, and our Pump Test Stand serves as evidence of this commitment. By harnessing the capabilities of Sempa Garage, we ensure that every pump system not only meets our stringent standards but also performs reliably and efficiently in real-world applications. This dedication to precise testing enables us to deliver pump solutions tailored to our customers' needs and expectations.


In conclusion, Sempa Garage stands as a symbol of innovation and excellence, where state-of-the-art technology intersects with the meticulous workmanship of our engineers. It empowers us to create pump systems that redefine performance standards in the industry, setting new benchmarks for innovation and quality.

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