We have been a pump technology manufacturer and investor since 1972.

We develop pump systems, high-capability technologies, and experiences for cities and industries.

A Cycle on the Line Axis

We have brought together the spirits dedicated to the mobility that renewable technology verticals bring to objects. Yes, this is an adventure we love more than our job. Good individuals, good ideas.

Sensitivity & Mystery

We are your creators of +plus technologies in pump production. We are aware that we are a significant movement in human life. This is a wonderful resource for us.

Network & Culture

Life determines our creation and company doctrine. Our three Sympathetic movements, Power, Traction, Thrust, are our heroes.

Sempa Pompa Makina A.Ş., which specializes in centrifugal pump production, offers comprehensive solutions, turnkey projects, pump systems and equipment according to customers' needs, based on 40 pump series and a product catalog containing more than 1000 products. 


Sempa, Turkey's largest industrial pump manufacturer, produces in a 132.000 m2 operation area with more than 300 employees. It has been producing and developing for more than 50 years, with the product tree constantly developed by more than 25+ engineers in the R&D department using the latest design technologies. Sempa's solutions provide reliability wherever there is fluid, anywhere in the world. Sempa Pumps products have been safely operated in systems for decades. 


Sempa has its own foundry, and with its staff specialized in pump casting, all castings are made in-house using modern casting methods and machines. In addition, it offers full service for products, including service, repair and modernization. Sempa cooperates with Turkey's leading science centers. With its efficient production infrastructure in Konya, it is constantly modernized and fully prepared to produce and test pump prototypes. Sempa manages to export its products to 100 countries around the world.

Why Sempa Global?

Since 1972, the market created by the product development and production volume has expanded globally, resulting in the formation of the Sempa Global Partnership System. This system encompasses all countries worldwide and includes investors of small, medium, and large scales. With the constantly changing and evolving pump technologies worldwide, Sempa, having the most comprehensive and extensive network, has introduced Sempa Global as a sharing system for the market volume resulting from innovation, continuity, and innovation. Sempa Global creates opportunities for all partners in its network to expand their sales network and maintain top-level post-sales services on a country and regional basis.

Join Sempa Global
Sempa, a manufacturer and investor of pump technologies, invites you to the world pump movement. Make your pre-application now.
132,000 m² Production Facility
132,000 m² of production area with over 50 years of active manufacturing. A fully integrated pump technology facility from 0 to 1.
Innovation & Design
We are fostering innovation by combining creativity and engineering, bringing together our specialized design unit and test simulations to turn ideas into reality.
Mold Park
We are producing unique pump models using our advanced engineering skills.
Casting Park
It offers the ability to perform casting in various alloys with its extensive capacity and modern casting technology.
Machining Park
Our machining park with 360 metal processing technology can provide production with professional responses to special engineering and designs.
Quality Control
Quality control is a part of Sempa's DNA and consistently guides us to deliver products beyond expectations.
Organizations We Are Members / Certifications

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