Innovation & Design
It offers innovative solutions by combining engineering and creativity. With our R&D team and advanced test simulations, we turn customer needs into reality.
Mold Park
We are producing unique pump models using our advanced engineering skills.
Foundry Park
The biggest actor in the transition from 0 to 1. Modern casting technology offers the ability to cast in both standard and different alloys with high capacity.
Machining Park
Our machining park with 360 metal processing technology can provide production with professional responses to special engineering and designs.
Sempa Garage
We apply precise tests for performance excellence.
Quality Control
Quality control is a part of Sempa's DNA and consistently guides us to deliver products beyond expectations.
TCO is a key approach in Sempa product development process. This involves considering not just the initial cost of a product, but also its total cost over the lifecycle, including usage, maintenance, and disposal, aiming to offer sustainable and economical solutions.

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