What is Sempa e-service Team?
Sempa Service Team

Sempa is the service support system that operates the post-sales service policy determined according to countries. All businesses wishing to join the Sempa Pump service network can initiate the process by submitting a preliminary application form.


If the application is accepted, within the scope of Sempa's service management system, the principles of "technical expertise, competency, communication, and brand culture" are subject to training and examination. Businesses that meet the qualification level determined by Sempa's service management system become part of the Sempa service network.

How Does a Service Network Work?

The Sempa service support network is managed through Sempa Cloud. Ensuring secure service provision is a fundamental principle driven by the Sempa Cloud platform. All service-related data of our services is processed within the Sempa Cloud framework. The completion of all types of service support requests comprehensively from the consumer's perspective and focusing on customer satisfaction are the main prerequisites.


Therefore, service operations are conducted through the system. Our service support operations, categorized by regions to prevent unfair competition, are embedded within our system, equipped with analytical data processing capabilities. Among the capabilities of Sempa Cloud, there is also a service scoring system.

How Do We Support the e-service Network?

Sempa tracks all of its technical services based on an annual scoring system. Services that provide the best performance are rewarded within 6 and 12-month periods. Each year, training conferences are organized to update service teams' information and enhance their skills.


Furthermore, annually, the top three businesses that deliver the best service are selected and announced. We support our services by promoting brand communication in their respective regions, aiming to develop customer-oriented solutions.

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1 - Fast, Secure, Solution-Oriented!

The digital service experience began in Turkey with Sempa.


2 - You're in Touch with the Producer!

Sempa e-service manages users' communication in a centralized manner.


3 - Am I Secure?

The software technology and data source belong to Sempa. It's not an intermediary cloud system! You're safe.


4 - Your Business and Time are Precious.

Starting from the first call, the live service tracking feature ensures happiness through time savings.


5 - Fastest Spare Part Support!

Turkey's fastest analysis and spare parts experience are on Sempa e-service.


6 - Product Identification Tracking.

The digital service system constantly tracks your product identity, providing maintenance and warranty data.


7 - We're Monitoring Your Happiness!

To enhance user experiences and maintain service quality at the highest level, e-service continually monitors.

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