While looking for candidates with the right competencies and strong potential for each unit, we rigorously conduct the recruitment process and always focus on job-related skills and experiences to ensure a fair and transparent selection process for all candidates.

Based on the Sempa Career Management goals and principles, studies continue throughout the process in order to place the right candidates in the right position. As Sempa, competencies constitute one of the criteria that we attach great importance to in our recruitment processes. It is important that our men have the following core competence, rather than which department you are undertaking.

Sempa Career Competencies:

  • Strategy and Direction Determination
  • Inclusion in Team Power
  • Contact
  • business development
  • Result oriented
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship 
  • Team and Self-Development
  • Compliance and Step Management
  • Customer Responsiveness

According to the requirements of the position, all or some of the following assessment tools are applied for new graduates:

  • Competence and Development Interview 
  • Professional Personality Development
  • English Level Profeciency
  • Assessment Center Process: Our candidates are included in a demonstration program and process monitoring and development levels are taken.

Our aim is to question people's knowledge, skills and competencies and to place them in a department that is suitable for their qualifications. If you are asked to send the application form please send your CV to insankaynaklari@sempapompa.com.

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Sempa is a brand that brings together young attacks with its in-house start-up culture and team development movement. While we work with you, we love to share your talents and develop your knowledge, to raise our values so that you can discover yourself. Sempa dynamic teams like to reflect their excitement in all production stages from scratch to the world countries. We know we need your thinking power. We are here to rise together, develop, share growth and excitement, be a partner to success, smile together all the time, in short, create unity and solidarity in everything. Are you in?

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