DPT Series Submersible Sewage Pumps

Discharge Flange : DN 50 – DN 400
Capacity : up to 1600 m³/h
Head : up to 100 m
Protection Class : IP 68
Thermistor Protection : PT100
Insulation : Class F
Working Temperature : up to +40 ˚C*
Casing Pressure (Pmax) : 10 bar*

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-Vertical, wide volute casing, single stage, submersible type centrifugal pump with enclosed, semi-open or vortex types impeller. 
-20 basic sizes covering wide range of operational area. 
-Electric motor isolation class is IP 68. 
-Discharge flanges conform to EN 1092-2 / PN 10. (EN 1092-1 / PN 10 for steel or stainless steel casing) 
-All impellers are balanced dynamically or statically according to ISO 1940 class 6.3. 
-Axial thrust is balanced by impeller back ribs. 
-In case of request motor cooling jacket is also applicable (For models larger than 12 HP)
-Bearings of DPT type pumps are “life time grease lubricated” ball bearings.


-Agricultural Irrigation and Drainage
-Building System
-Chemial Industry
-Food and Beverage Industry
-Iron and Steel Indusrty

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