TKF-KE Series Self Priming Pumps

Discharge Flange : 4" - 10"
Capacity : up to 840 m³/h
Head : up to 42 m
Working Temperature : From -25 °C to + 140 °C*
Casing Pressure (Pmax) : 10 bar*

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-TKF-KE series pumps are self-priming, flap centrifugal pumps.

-Since they are self-priming, it is sufficient if the pump is above the well where the pump will be suction, and only the suction installation is in the well.

-It is possible to operate with a diesel engine or electric motor through the elastic coupling.

-TKF-KE series consists of 4 different types: 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”.

-Impellers are open and have two blades and can pump solid particles up to 76 mm (3”) depending on the pump size.

-It is very easy to clear the blockage. The front removable suction cover facilitates access to the impeller, stuffing box and mechanical seal. It is very easy to remove the blockage without any action in the suction and discharge installations.


-Domestic and industrial raw sewage liquid transfer
-Sewage treatment plants
-Liquid transfer containing sludge and solids
-Factory waste water drain
-All kinds of drainage operations

Sympathetic Pump Movements