SVDP Series Vertical Turbine Pumps

Capacity : up to 30.000 m³ / h
Head : up to 600 m
Working Temperature : from -25 ˚C to + 140 ˚C
Casing Pressure (Pmax) : 63 bar
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-Vertical shaft, split design, stator, discharge head, multi-stage or single-stage turbine pumps.
-Vertical shaft turbine pumps are produced with a closed type impeller as a standard. It can also be produced as a semi-open or open type impeller upon request.
-The direction of rotation is counterclockwise when viewed from the motor side.
-SVDP Series pumps are used a water lubricated housing system as a standard. Optionally, an oil lubricated housing system can be used.
-SVDP Series pumps are used with high-efficiency class electric motors according to IEC construction sizes.
-Pump and motor shafts are connected to each other by rigid coupling.
-It can be driven by different types of electric motors, optionally. Vertical Solid Shaft Electric Motor, VHS Type Vertical Hollow Shaft Electric Motor, Right Angle Gear Drive, Vertical Pulley Assembly.


-Water Treatment and Pressurization
-Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning
-Agricultural Irrigation and Drainage
-Power Plants
-Oil Industry
-Chemical Industry
-Food and Beverage Industry
-Iron and Steel Industry
-Building Systems
-Fire Fighting

Sympathetic Pump Movements