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In this area, which is the official website of SEMPA, cookies are used to improve the experience of our users and to ensure the efficient operation of the website.

On this website, which does not have a membership system, a standard cookie policy is applied. The form information transmitted through the contact forms where the users share their experiences are stored on the server, which is the provider of this website, for a short time. Form messages are not shared with any institution or organization and are protected under confidentiality.

Every time you use this website, information may be collected through cookies and other technologies. By using this website, the use of cookies described in the Cookie Notice, as well as other product, service-based areas that you can visit within sempapompa.com, sempapompa.com.tr, sempaservis.com, sempapump.com, sempaglobal.com, sempaservice.com, pompaservisim.com. You also accept the use of cookies described in the cookie notices.

What are the types of cookies used and why?

We and our service providers also use analytical services to improve the flow and operations of our website. Web beacons or tracking analytics are used to measure the number of visitors, and performance measurement cookies are used on our site to monitor, develop and analyze the number of individual users on our site and the frequency of users' access to the site. This information is used for statistical data purposes only. It is not used for individual identification or identification of users.

On this website, advertisements can be displayed to users via Google Ads. This advertising content is for the purpose of our organization and the product consists of informative content.

Data is collected through Google Analytics. Again, Google Analytics data collects standard data indicating the surface information of the visited location, the technology used, the type of device and the traffic frequency of the visitor. Contact us for more detailed information about the cookies used.

How to control cookies?

By accessing the SEMPA website, you accept that cookies may be placed on your computer or on the details described above. You can control cookies in various ways and through your browser. We remind you that if you block cookies, this may affect your use of the website, and you may have trouble accessing some parts of our website.

Cookie control in your browser:

Most browsers allow you to view cookies on your computer, delete cookies one by one, or block cookies from certain or all websites. We remind you that if you delete all cookies, all your preferences will be deleted. For more detailed information on how to filter or block cookies by changing your browser settings, check your browser's service provider.

Analytical Cookie Settings:

The following service providers are used on this website. You can visit these links for detailed information.

Google Analytics: http://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html

Google Ads: https://ads.google.com/intl/en_tr/home/

SEMPA ELEKT. MOT. SAT. POMPA İML. DEM. TİC. İTH. VE İHR. SAN. LTD. ŞTİ.  may change this cookie notice when necessary. In case of change, the last published cookie policy will be effective from the date under the cookie clarification text. We recommend that you be aware of the updated information about the use of cookies by viewing the Cookie Notice from time to time.

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