Our work's Three Sympathetic Movements POTT

POTT forms the cultural cycle and sympathetic action of the Sempa pump movement. POTT stands for Power, Traction, Thrust. POTT, which plays a role in terms of Power, Traction, and Mercury, determines our communication strategy and creates product, production, definition and market sympathy for us. In a Sempa pump, the cycle formed by the meeting of these three movements is the decisive key of our brand line. 

Expressing the combination of the tasks that each pump must fulfill, pump expresses our love and passion for our work and values as Sempa. We see our POTT culture as a constant developer and innovative. Born as the three sympathetic movements of our business, POTT is the most beautiful formation that reflects the basic principles of our duty, which we have undertaken for half a century, emotionally and technically. 

We believe that every product we produce has emotions as well as duties. The feeling of a product arises from the action movement it establishes with its consumer. While a pump is involved in every aspect of life, we think there are invisible heroes. That's why the POTT culture is born. By turning the movements of power, traction and construction into the cultural principle of our brand, we signal that we stand behind life. This is what gives us the greatest excitement in our innovation solutions.

Sympathetic Pump Movements