Sempa Garage Assurance

The most important part of all our production and innovation stages is Sempa Garaj. Basic and complementary tests of our pump technologies after raw production take place at Sempa Garaj. We can subject all pump standards to higher-than-standard tests, including custom-designed productions. 

Before and after our quality control management, Sempa Garaj works in depth. The safety of our pump technologies is monitored after sales and this task belongs to Sempa Garaj. Sempa Garage is equipped with high technology and fully rates all pump attacks. Actual tests are vital for the pumps to complement their operating principles perfectly.

All Sempa users can reach the identity of our pump technologies and ensure the safety of the product with the guarantee of Sempa Garage. Sempa Garaj has the ability to test in real time and real value.

  • Fully Automatic VDF Test 
  • 4000 m3/h Capacity
  • 60 Bar - 1000kw power
Sympathetic Pump Movements