Sempa 360 Processing Park

The Sempa production facility is a section equipped with high-tech tools that work with high speed and accurate results, just like trim units. Our machining park with 360 metal processing technology is able to provide production by responding professionally to special engineering and designs. It has a metal processing capacity in many sizes and is constantly updated. In the machining unit, there are 25 CNC machines (horizontal turning, vertical turning, vertical machining, horizontal machining). The bench track has a monthly 220-250 tons casting processing capacity.

The quality control process works effectively in this unit as in all processes. In the quality control unit, the first inspection-adjustment confirmations and all the controls are done. Within the scope of the production park, quality controls are completed with the innovation team. All products that do not comply with the nature of the product quality and real values are passed to the man of destruction by obtaining a red code. 

In order to protect the world standards in our production sensitivities, the trim processes we carry out are monitored completely, and our brand value is protected in the standard of products and services. Rejuvenation, conversion type and revision product production is not done in any way. Sempa builds its product assurance on the social value it produces. For the protection of consumer-oriented production and professional results, a zero-to-one production authority is observed.

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