Everything Begins Here!

If yeast does not hold, the result has already deteriorated, this is the philosophy of molding for us. It is our molding phase that we call "true birth" after the prototype that gives the first response to all the improvements of our innovation team. 

We definitely run a prototype. With three-dimensional processing technology, we stage minimal prototypes for R&D purposes. There are many steps before the production of the pump, and the prototype is just one of them. After our observations get the correct answer in the field of engineering, we exit the prototype and run to the real mold. Actually, we are very excited about this. Sempa monitors all stages of a pump according to the monitoring classes.

After the first output of all our pump projects, which we will make into reality, is completed with innovation and R&D, it passes to the molding process that we have experienced for half a century. We produce the mold of all the pumps we produce in our mold park. No external procurement or production is used in the combination structure of Sempa pumps. That's why Sempa pump users and sellers are always happy.

Sympathetic Pump Movements