A Knowledge From The Kitchen!

It is one of the most important stages of our kitchen. Turkey's best-equipped in our production facility, we are shaping the product of dissolving the ore. Durability, real proportions of raw materials, machinability, conversion and strong results are the production policy of our casting park.

Our raw material resources, which are carefully separated by numerical values, become one body in our own molds. As in all our fields, our tests are applied in our casting park. Although it is very small, we never allow faulty castings to come out as products. We fully implement all stages of our quality policy and fully operate our control mechanism.

We pay attention to all synchronizations in the casting stages of our raw material content, which we bake with precision. Because we don't want to produce a product that makes you unhappy. The casting stage determines the quality, operating volume and endurance floor of all pumps. That's why we care about our casting infrastructure as much as hardware. The body structure of the pump should be able to prove itself in any environment. Its internal structure, on the other hand, is strong, but it must be able to perform its duty completely. Casting requires micronic work and a high level of information equipment to meet all expectations. 

Sempa proved the power of the casting park with hundreds of thousands of pumps it produced.

Sympathetic Pump Movements